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Our congratulations to our previous champions. Take some time and enjoy samples of their music and read about these fabulous artists.
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From 2007 to 2012 the Anthem International Music Festival (IMF) rocked the globe, raised funds and generated awareness for underprivileged children's programs in Africa. The IMF and all its supporters exemplified music with a message.

Nearly 5,000 artists, performers and bands participated and over 100 cities enjoyed events in this truly international festival. The Anthem IMF is on a hiatus for 2013 while we revamp the program to provide the best experience for all participants, musicians and most importantly the philanthropic cause.

Anthem remains as committed as ever to musicians everywhere, our charitable causes and we invite you to check out past IMF details and many of our other current projects!

You don't want to be a false IDOL......... you want to be a self-made SUPERSTAR

Imagine your act selling out venues around the world.
Imagine your music reaching tens of thousands of ears.
Imagine your work finally getting the respect and recognition it deserves.
Imagine your music helping to promote charity and other musicians just like you.

Imagine IMF

Watch for upcoming musical acts that qualify for the regional voting.

Video, photos and blog from the 2010 IMF winners: Xoch! Check back as the IMF will be adding live video and images from the international tour...more

CHOSA and the IMF extend partnership for the festival. CHOSA (Giving hope to the children of South Africa) is a prominent South African children’s organization whose mission is to...more

NEW markets to be added to the IMF. The festival aims to have a broad reach over North America that varies year to year....more

more news...

Check back for event dates on the newly revamped IMF in 2014.